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Guinness 4 months

The Woods A Luxury Canine Resort and Spa, Kennels & Pet Boarding, Irmo, SC

Oscar 9.5 yrs old

Vinnie 1.5 yrs old

Mia 4.5 yrs old

The Woods Canine Resort and Spa is dedicated to our little boy "Dusty" and our black lab "Jack" and ALL the other dogs that come to stay with us!!  

I grew up in Stacy Minnesota and my husband Mark grew up in Eau Claire Wisconsin.  We met in St.Paul Minnesota where we lived for many years.  After vacationing here for the past last 3 years we knew that we wanted to call Columbia, South Carolina "Our New Home". It was a huge move to leave our jobs and family, but we knew it was the next step in our new adventure. We are very blessed to have this opportunity to do what we love. 

Since I was a little girl I knew how much I loved animals, but wouldn't know how much it would consume me and how it would change my life.  Not until a little Dachshund named Dusty came into my life.  He showed me what unconditional love really was, from that twinkle in his eyes, his wagging tail, his little wet nose and warm paws.  He went through a lot, he really was a strong little Dachshund.  

He broke his back in a boating accident and couldn't walk for a good 6 months. Being that strong headed Dachshund that he was, he was determined to walk again, and with all the love and care we gave to him he did!  For 6 more healthy years.  Then a couple of years later he was diagnosed with stomach cancer which at the age of 12 took his life.  

The Purpose of The Woods Canine Resort and Spa is to be "that serene place" so that others have the opportunity to go away whether its for work or play with no worries, stress and knowing their babies are in the best care.  We provide a service like no other, a warm relaxing Resort/Spa where the pooch is pampered and the owner is at ease.


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